Nolan Gould takes the 'It Can Wait' pledge

Last year a drunk driver crashed through a barricade at SXSW killing and maiming festival guests to our City of Austin. Drunk driving is a form of distracted driving in that your faculties are impaired when you are under the influence.  Studies have shown that texting while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. […]

Aurie Parris speaks to high school students about the dangers of distracted driving

On February 3rd, 2015,  Xzavier Davis-Bilbo will appear before an audience of 500 to 1200 high school students, their parents and the staff of the Milwaukee High School. This is not the largest audience that Xzavier has appeared before.  He was featured in the documentary ‘From One Second to the Next’ directed by the legendary […]

Marsay Davis is the brother of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo

The X-Man Foundation strives to educate drivers to the consequences of distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.  Before Xzavier’s injuries, our Valetta was a rider and she knows the dangers distracted driving poses for other riders.  “You just have to be aware at all times for other pedestrians, riders, and other drivers at all […]

'Don't text for X' logo copyright@Valetta Bradford 2014

Here is an excerpt from the Shepherd Express staff; The X-Man Foundation is entirely volunteer run and is currently in need of a publicist, an outreach team and a fundraising team. Bradford would also appreciate volunteers willing to help complete handicap renovations to her home. For more information about the event and the foundation, visit […]

Xzavier Davis Bilbo with mother Valetta Bradford spokeswoman against Distracted Driving.  July 26, 2014   Dear Community Supporters:   The X-Man Foundation is planning its fourth ‘Walk for Awareness’ starting at that very crosswalk where Xzavier Davis-Bilbo became paralyzed and dependent upon a respirator to continue his life in the restricted zone.  The driver who injured this five year old was texting so she didn’t […]

Chief Justice John Roberts ruled along with the other Justices of the Supreme Court that search warrants must be obtained to search cell phones

The court held that the “exigent circumstances” exception to the warrant requirement also applied to cell phones – that is, imminent danger to life or the possibility that evidence would be destroyed might justify searching a phone without a warrant. Justice Samuel Alito, in a concurrence, opened the door to further exceptions. Alito wrote that […]

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was paralyzed by a distracted driver. He survived.

Valetta is now set up to receive donations through at this link; Your donated dollars goes to the on-going care of Xzavier and to the campaign against Distracted Driving.  The X-Man Foundation is a federally recognized non-profit so it is a tax write-off incentive as well.  We know it’s a lot to ask […]